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Panelist @ Identiverse 2020

Next-Gen Authorization Throwdown: It's Not Your Grandfather's OAuth

Panel with George Fletcher, Eve Maler, Justin Richer, Jake Feasel

OAuth has seen several iterations over the last decade as the expert community has worked to solve difficult security, authorization, delegation, and consent challenges on behalf of both enterprises and end-users. We’re now in “interesting times” as OAuth 2.0 is being stretched – some might argue to a breaking point – to cover new use cases. How should we enable fine-grained authorization? How similar should our handling of consent and authorization be? Can enterprise authorization and cross-domain authorization use the same model efficiently? Where do authentication inputs end and authorization decisions begin? And what about Alice? Join our panel of experts to hear their differing perspectives on OAuth innovation and how its next wave(s) of iteration must proceed for success. Description from identiverse.com / Eve Maler.