Passing the Torch for AGTL

About four years ago I created the first code for AGTL. It was built on previous experience I made with a very simple geocaching application for Android. Ever since, I kept AGTL running, first on the Openmoko Freerunner, then on the Nokia N900 (still a great phone!) and finally on the Nokia N9. And ever since, I had less time than I wanted to fix bugs, create new features and to stay in contact with you, the community.

A few days ago, I switched from the Nokia N9 to the Dark Side, a.k.a., Android (Nexus 5). With this switch I lost the ability to test new version of AGTL on the N9 and to use the software for myself (still the best method for finding bugs). Therefore, I decided to lay the responsibility for AGTL into the hands of somebody else. I decided to name Aapo Rantalainen as the new maintainer for AGTL. He caught my attention with many helpful bug reports and patches for AGTL, so I decided to pass the torch to him. Apparently, this has already paid off: Aapo made a lot of commits during the last days, fixing bugs and applying patches that I didn't have time for.

I hope to be able to help here and there with AGTL, and to stay up-to-date on its further development. New versions will be announced on this website.

Thanks to Aapo for taking the responsibility and to all the other people that provided me with bug reports, feature suggestions and (sometimes also monetary) input during the last years! It was definitely a great time and its not over yet!
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