AGTL 0.6.0 is here!

Version 0.6.0 of the Advanced Geocaching Tool has just been uploaded to Extras-Devel.

Update 1: There was a bug preventing some users from starting the application. A bug fix release, Version 0.6.1, is on its way.

Update 2: There was another bug, also preventing startup of the application. If you have version 0.6.1 and it doesn't start, open the Terminal application and type: mkdir ~/.agtl and press return - this should fix it until version 0.6.2 arrives

What's new in this release?
  • Sun Indicator. Because the N900 doesn't have a built in magnet compass, the display for the direction to the geocache is not always accurate, especially when one is not moving. Therefore, there's a small sun icon in the compass view. If you align the "real" sun with the icon, the direction to the geocache is correct, even when standing still.
  • Better Coordinate Input. I played around with various coordinate input alternatives and found that the best one is the one from the legacy AGTL. Geocaching on the N900: Coordinate input
  • Variable map size. As requested by a lot of users, you can now have the map displayed in double size to increase readability. It looks ugly, though.
  • Changing geocache coordinates. Ever solved a mystery geocache and now wishing to place the icon of the geocache to the spot of the solution? This is now possible by selecting a coordinate and clicking set as main coordinate.
  • Increase of the overall speed. SQLite transactions where a bit of a bottleneck, .
  • No more out of bounds coordinates. Never get lost again in "Here Be Dragons" land. Scroll from Russia to America without going through Europe and the Atlantic Ocean :-)
  • Browser links. You can now open the geocache page, the "post new log" page and the list of all logs via a link in the details tab.
  • Proper no-fix handling. Until now, AGTL doesn't show you when it lost its GPS fix. This is essentially a shortcoming of the liblocation in maemo, but I found way to work around it. You will now see immediately when the signal is lost.
  • Bug fixes. - as always :-)
As there were some people contacting me if they can donate some money in return for AGTL, I now accept donations.
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  • Tobias schreibt am 12.05.10 um 16:38 Uhr: While following the thread @ http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=655047 I changed the .desktop file to start AGTL via "python /opt/advancedcaching/core.py --hildon" (not python2.5) and now it starts without the "Segmentation fault"
  • Tobias schreibt am 12.05.10 um 11:53 Uhr: Thanks for this update. Unfortunately, AGTL does not start anymore after upgrading. I removed the .agtl folder und re-installed the package, but that does not solve the problem. When I try to start AGTL from the terminal, I only get "Segmentation fault". Any idea what could be wrong?
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