AGTL Version Available for Testing

Due to a major change in the geocaching.com website, AGTL became unusable a few weeks ago. Today, I present version, which fixes this problem.

Downloading the geocaching overview became a bit slower, because AGTL now needs to download more data to get the geocache positions right. Together with the map overview, all data except logs, images and waypoints of the geocaches are downloaded. While it now takes longer to see what geocaches are around you, the filter and sort feature is more useful than before (because more data is available).

This version runs on the N9 and N900 thanks to Rob Kouwenberg, who sent me his spare N900. The next versions will all be released for the N900 at the same time as for the N9.

This is to be considered as a BETA version, i.e., it will contain bugs. However, I can't comprehensively test both versions on my own, so please file any bugs here! Really, that's the fastest way to get them fixed!

I'm also looking for a designer who is willing to design a new logo for the app.

Now get the N900 version (also available in extras-devel) or the N9 version and start heavy testing!

As always, your donations via PayPal are welcome.

Update: How to send me debug logs?

Debug logs can now be send by the application itself. All you need is your mobile device with a working internet connection and a terminal command. On the N9, open up a terminal and enter agtl-meego --remote On the N900, open up a terminal and enter /opt/advancedcaching/core.py --hildon --remote The application should now start (except if it has a bug in the startup phase, that is). You can file a bug report, send me an e-mail or write me on twitter. What I need is the IP address of the device (yours is currently and the date on which you've created the debug log.

Update 2: If the application doesn't start at all, try moving the file .agtl/caches.db to .agtl/caches.db.old using the following command in the terminal mv .agtl/caches.db .agtl/caches.db.old I hope to fix this bug for the next version.

Update 3: Some early birds had a problem with AGTL not starting on the N9. Please download the file again, I had the wrong .deb in the wrong place. The new file has an md5sum of 78cbea1b32f5200b253bb8218f63d33e.
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  • Nimi schreibt am 18.06.12 um 12:55 Uhr: please port AGTL to android, there's no real competitor and AAGTL, the android clone is not good. I'm looking forward to map with only caches that are active and not found yet, and ability to look at logs, description, coordinates and general info. :)
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