AGTL for Meego/Harmattan/N9: Beta 1

AGTL brings offline geocaching to the N9, and I today present the first beta version. This means, in the next time I'll try to fix bug, but not add any new features.

This beta version brings
  • Multicache Calculation help - AGTL tries to extract calculations from the cache description and you'll be asked to enter the missing values.
  • Much improved interface and a dark theme (optional). On the OLED-Display of the N9, this saves power and it's a great for night geocaching.
  • Favorite Geocaches
  • Image view
  • Website parser update - AGTL searches for an updated website parser when you launch it.
  • and several other features.
What's left to do? When this version has become stable (i.e. when it has no major bugs left), I'll add
  • Offline Maps
  • Attributes
  • Augmented Reality View (I disabled this in the current version due to some bugs)
  • Handling of archived caches (Currently the "archived" status of a geocache is not shown anywhere)
Download the beta version here or wait until it appears in the Ovi store. If you downloaded it to the N9, click on the file and follow the instructions. Otherwise, enable developer mode. Run devel-su in the terminal to become root, then run dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads/agtl-beta-1.deb (change the path accordingly).

Please report bugs to github and only to github (otherwise I may lose track of the bugs). Please try to provide an output log of the program run. You can start AGTL by running agtl-meego in the terminal. If you run agtl-meego > errorlog.txt 2>&1 it will create a file errorlog.txt containing valuable information for bug hunting.

As always, donations are very welcome. AGTL will stay free (as in beer) also when it hits the Ovi store. Maybe I'll add a donate version to the store (with exactly the same features/support as the free version).

AGTL for N9/Harmattan Beta 1: Dark Theme, Map View AGTL for N9/Harmattan Beta 1: Dark Theme, Coordinate List and CacheCalc AGTL for N9/Harmattan: Cache Details (old Alpha 2) AGTL for N9/Harmattan Beta 1: Dark Theme, Compass View AGTL for N9/Harmattan: Writing a Fieldnote (old Alpha 2)
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  • Lasse schreibt am 05.09.12 um 10:50 Uhr: Hello Daniel! I like AGTL very much, it's the best possible software for geocaching with N9. ;) I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or isn't the log fetching operational yet? AGTL reports "Fetching logs.." but nothing appears?
  • mViper schreibt am 20.06.12 um 14:12 Uhr: error downloading geocaches, i just have my position and the map...
  • Jason schreibt am 10.05.12 um 16:17 Uhr: I appreciate the work you've done, as AGTL is the ONLY offline geocaching solution on meego.... Please enable offline maps for me :) otherwise it's difficult to use.
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