Advanced Geocaching Tool for Maemo/N900 - The Quick Start Guide

This is the quick start guide for the Advanced Geocaching Tool for the Maemo platform.

1. Registration

First of all, you need to sign up at Other geocaching web sites are not supported at the moment.

2. Start AGTL

Start AGTL. Click on the wrench button on the lower side of the screen and hit "more Settings". Enter your account data in the username and password fields and click "OK".

3. Download geocaches (overview)

AGTL downloads geocaches in two steps. First, it downloads the geocache locations, their types and names. In the second step, the rest of the geocache data is downloaded.
  • Select an area of interest on the screen (for example by using "Search Place" from the main menu or by selecting "Go to my Position" from the actions menu on the lower left side of the screen). The area should not be too large (the number of downloadable geocaches is limited) and not too small (there may be no geocaches in the area).
  • Then hit "Download Overview" from the actions menu. If your account data is correct, some geocaches will pop up on the screen.

4. Download detail data

To retrieve all data for one or more geocaches, there are three ways:
  • Click on the geocache and select "Download Details" from the main menu.
  • or Select "Download Details" in the map view. This will download details for all visible geocaches.
  • or Use the Search feature and download details for the geocaches in the search result (see below).

5. Search for geocaches

Unfortunately, AGTL doesn't support searching in geocaches without downloading the overview for the area of interest first (as above, 3.). If you want to apply a filter for advanced details (like the size of a geocaches), details have to be downloaded first, too (as above, 4.).

To search for geocaches, hit "Search Geocaches" from the main menu. The search dialog is split into two parts:
  • The upper half of the options works for every geocache which is known to AGTL.
  • The lower part works only for geocaches for which details have been downloaded.

6. Finding a geocache

To select a geocache as target, click on it and hit "Set as Target" from the main menu. You can also select (for multi-stage geocaches) one of the coordinates from the "Coords" Tab.

In the GPS view, the arrow points to the selected target. Please remember that the Nokia N900 doesn't have a built in magnetic compass. Thus, the arrow only works correctly if you are moving. When standing still, the sun compass comes in handy.

7. Stealth geocaching

From version upwards, AGTL features Stealth Geocaching. This is especially useful for geocaching in crowded areas and in steep terrain, when you need both hands free. To use it, select a target, connect your earphones to the device and switch Text-To-Speech (TTS) on by selecting a TTS interval from the wrench menu in the map view.

8. Fieldnotes

Fieldnotes provide an easy way to upload data about your findings to the website. When you've found a geocache (or given up), go to the details view for the geocache and select "Write Fieldnote" from the main menu. Select the type of the fieldnote and type in some text if you want.

Once you have internet connection, you can upload all your fieldnotes by selecting Upload Fieldnotes from the actions menu in the map view. (There is a known bug in version that prevents uploading fieldnotes. Will be fixed for

9. Other features

Will follow here... :-)