Advanced Geocaching Tool for Linux

AGTL makes geocaching paperless! It downloads cache locations in the area visible on the map including their description, hints, difficulty levels and images. Searching for caches in your local db is a matter of seconds.


The package is available for Openmoko Phones at

If you want to install the application on (Ubuntu) Linux, use easy_install, part of the package python-setuptools. First make sure to remove any previous versions if you used your package manager to install AGTL. Then run:
sudo apt-get install python-distutils
easy_install agtl


AGTL was tested and developed on the latest SHR builds. If you experience performance problems, please consider testing latest SHR unstable/testing builds.

Known Limitations

  • Map display is not as fast as tangoGPS's. This is partly due to a not fully optimized code, but also a limitation of python's speed (compared to C).
  • You can only use openstreetmap tiles. Opencyclemap etc. are not implemented yet.

Source Code

The AGTL repository is hosted at


First, go to the "opt." tab and enter your login data.


AGTL: Map Display This shows the current map and the geocaches nearby. Of course, you must download the geocaches beforehand. To do this, use button 4. This only downloads the position of geocaches in the selected map view. If you want more details for a geocache, go to details tab or use the download tab. If there are more than 500 geocaches in the selected map rectangle, nothing will be downloaded. Zoom in or selected a different rectangle.
  1. is a geocache which has been selected by clicking on it. On the right hand side of the screen you can see one of it's waypoints (requires that details have been downloaded).
  2. the geocaches are color coded as follows: green for traditional geocaches, orange for multi stage geocaches, gray for geocaches you already found and blue for everything else (includes unknown, virtual, event and webcam geocaches)
  3. use this button to always have the map centered on your current position. You can still move the map, as long as your gps position doesn't change.


AGTL: Fieldnotes On this page, you can create fieldnotes. Fieldnotes can be uploaded to They remain private until you use them to create log entries. They can be accessed through your profile page (right hand side).


Screenshot: GPS Tab This page shows the current position, the current altitude, the distance to the selected target, your current bearing and the position of the target.
  1. shows the direction to the target. Please be aware that this can only be correct if you move and if you're more than about 10 meters away from the target. So keep movin' :-)
  2. use this button to manually enter coordinates.


Screenshot: Search Tab This tab allows you to search through the internal database. All search settings you defined here will be valid for the map view too, as soon as you click "Find".
  1. search for name or ID
  2. double click an entry to see it on the map
  3. you can sort the columns by clicking on the according header. Some properties will only be available after downloading the details for a geocache.
  4. if you want to see each and every geocache in the list or on the map, click here.


Screenshot: Geocache Waypoints If you select the "coords" tab in the "cache details" tab you can see the waypoints for the selected geocache. To retrieve all waypoints, you must click "download details" on the lower left hand side.
  1. double click a waypoint to use it as the target
  2. click this button to set use geocache as the target


My software is not under the Beerware license, but you can buy me a beer anyway.